W. Skouratoff

Fabienne Delorme and Fabrice Mineau, two of Skouratoff ' students and members of the Grand Théatre de Bordeaux, have rebaptized their dance school at Montpellier in 2006 as Studio Wladimir Skouratoff, where they dictate dance lessons to students from 4 years old up to teen-agers, adults and professionals, also giving stages through all the year.

Their site on the web being, we recently find a note regarding the inauguration of the Study, as follows: “In 2006 the great danseur Wladimir Skouratoff has inaugurated this school which from now on carries his name. Being a danseur de cabaret during the war, Skouratoff has known an exceptional career , dancing with Zizi Jeanmaire, as a soloist in the Original Ballet Russe, as an étoile in Roland Petit’s company, before he became a choreographer, forming during 20 years numerous professionals, among them Fabienne Delorme and Patrice Mineau. On the inauguration day Skouratoff’s version of Ravel’s “Bolero” was projected and in front of his students and dancers, deeply moved and thankful, he was kind enough to lend himself to some “family photos”, pointing out that up to this day, his name has been given to a little railway-station nearby Moscou. Today, it is a dance school, he congratulates himself."