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Galina Ulanova, star of Sovietic Dance, might turn pale on the fact she has applauded in Florence (West) the (white) Russian danseur-étoile Skouratoff’s entre-chats.

Rome, june 1951.

Galina Ulanova, a princess between the present Russian ballerinas, might be deprived of the dreamy existence given to her by the Soviet government because in a visit to Florence, where she was the Dance Festival’s indisputable attraction, she commited the unforgivable mistake of placing her art before the political countersigns, fervently applauding Wladimir Skouratoff, Ivette Chauvire’s partenaire. He is like an “infected one” to the eyes of the M.V.D., his crime having been that of prefering liberty over material advantages, which at the present times are not despisable indeed.

"In fact, if on her return to Moscow, she has a problem with the M.V.D., the Skouratoff incident will be but the pretext."

"...maybe it would be better for her this journey wouldn’t have existed. Because seing Skouratoff dance, she was not satisfied with a few applauses. She was seized by a true enthusiasm. On seing this, the other members of the Soviet troupe have followed her example. The red Russia made a delirious ovation to the white One."