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From the book "Dancers of the world in Colour"
Gordon Anthony, 1952

Wladimir Skouratoff is a young Russian dancer who came with the Serge Lifar Company to the Cambridge Theatre in 1946. He has since been seen here during several different seasons, notably with the Ballet des Champs-Elysées in 1951.

When I saw him in Lifar’s version of La Peri in 1946 he struck me as a young dancer of quality and great possibilities, but the odd and stylized choreography was at variance with his personality, killing the characterisation and dramatic feeling he has latterly been proved to possess. During the 1951 season of the Champs-Elysées at the Cambridge Theatre, he was hardly recognisable as the same dancer. He has matured both in presentation and technique, and I was particularly struck by his dramatic range, which proves him a worthy successor to Roland Petit. He has also a genuine quality of tenderness and poetry. Skouratoff has shown himself an excellent danseur noble and a soloist of considerable strenght and quality.
Nowadays he appears equally at home in classical rôles and in modern ballets such as Le Rendezvous and Le Beau Danube.

He is a dancer of whom the world will hear much more.

Skouratoff in La Péri, 1946
Photo: Gordon Anthony