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The Casino Theatre in Vichy

The Grand Casino Theatre in Vichy
(at present time, the Opera de Vichy)



 “Vichy, station de l’élite internationale”
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Madame Josette Alviset, the Director of the Musée de l’Opéra de Vichy, has very gently sent us her catalogue Pluie d’étoiles – Les saisons et la danse à Vichy 1901-2001, where it is stated the choreographic activity of Wladimir Skouratoff as the Dance’s Director at the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, during the years 1978 to 1986, when he presented the Bordeaux’s Company at the Grand Casino Theatre de Vichy.

The catalogue’s frontispiece

We transcribe below such an important information for these pages, and have to point out also that on the mentioned catalogue it figures obviously those performances given by Skouratoff at the Grand Théâtre Casino de Vichy as a danseur étoile:

June 24, on a soirée with Yvette Chauviré, Jacqueline Moreau, Guy Lainé and Wladimir Ouktomski, with a classic repertory and the ballet “L’Ecuyère” upon music by Kosma.

June 30th and 1st july, on two Galas by the Marquis de Cuevas Ballets, with the ballets “Les Sylphides”, “Idylle”, “L’ange gris”, “Piège de lumière”, “Constantia”, “Casse-noisette”, “Le Prince du désert”, “Le spectre de la rose” and “Doña Ines de Castro”.

In 1978, the artists of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux are stablished at Vichy with the orchestra and the troupe of dancers. This one, leaded by Wladimir Skouratoff, performs on the lyric works and gives a spectacle on July 10th under the veranda: “Le bal des cadets” (J.Strauss), “Le Boléro” (Ravel).

The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux is there on August, with its Ballet Company leaded by W. Skouratoff.
August 2nd, “La fille mal gardée” (Ferdinand Hérold).
August 14th, “Casse-noisette” (P.I.Tchaikowsky), integral version.

The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux secures still a part of the summer with the orchestra of the Théâtre des Arts de Rouen.
In August, the Ballets de Bordeaux performs on lyric works and dances:
On August 1st, “De Paris sur Seine” to “Vienne sur Danube”.
On August 9th, “Les Forains” (Henri Sauguet), “Parade” (Eric Satie).

July 28th, the Bordeaux’ Ballet Company proposes “D’Offenbach à Strauss”.
August 7th, “Cendrillon” (Prokofieff).

July 27th, Gershwin Revival (Ouverture cubaine, Concerto en Fa, Medley, Promenades et Préludes).
August 3rd, “Lac des cygnes” (Tchaikowsky).

Cast of Bordeaux’s troupe in Vichy, 1984

August 14th, Hommage à Balanchine (“Constantia” (Chopin), “Angora” (Paganini-Rachmaninoff), “Symphonie des Psaumes” (Stravinsky), “Boléro" (Ravel).

August 13th, Choreographic Gala with “Coppelia” (Delibes).

July 15th, an exceptional Gala, “La Danse d’hier et d’aujourd’hui” (“Passion” (Dumont), Divertissements 3ème acte from "La Belle au bois dormant (Tchaikowsky)."
July 29th, “Casse-noisette” (Tchaikowsky).
August 12th, “Giselle” (Adam).

Cast of Bordeaux’s troupe in Vichy, 1986

An extraordinary exposition is being made by the Musée de l’Opéra de Vichy at this very moment up to May 11th, 2010, upon the Lyric and Dancing activity at the Grand Casino Theatre, (at present, Opéra de Vichy), which states over its many panels and show windows a lot of photos and affiches of Wladimir Skouratoff and the Ballets de Bordeaux.

Catalogue of the Exposition 2010’s frontispiece