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Monique Simonoff
On Volodia's religious services

Volodia had a very beautiful religious service at the Ortodox Cathedral St.Alexandre Nevski, Paris,on April 12 at 1 pm.

The last survivors of  De Cuevas company were there: Pardina, Giuliano, Jacqueline Moreau very moved, Damase, Mayer represented by his wife; Elisabeth Platel – who was in the midst
of the rehearsals for the Opera’s 300 years’ Celebration  and couldn’t come – send a big bouquet of white lilies; Cyril Atanasoff; Fabienne Delorme (from the Studios Skouratoff);
Serge Perrault, who was immobilized  by a sciatica sent a bouquet of orange roses; his ancient dancers from the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux had done a homage on his “lit de mort” in Pessac and sent a big bouquet of white lilies. Several ancient dancers, ballet teachers, friends from everywhere who knew him were presents at the cathedral. Mikhail Logvinov, the official photographer from the Bolshoi, who admired Volodia very much and whom I noticed Volodia’s death, was also at the funeral.

It  was a very beautiful  moving ceremony, with the choir singing those admirable and grieving mournful Slavian canticles, the language in which all the service was celebrated. I knew how much these canticles evoking the Old  Sacred Russia had a very special resonance upon his soul, remembering him his roots.

He rests now at he Russian cemetery Ste. Geneviève des Bois on the most ancient part called Memorial Site of the Russian Cadets in France, next to his stepbrother and his “mama”. At left, the graveyard of the Russian filmmaker Tarkhovski.

Father Eugène was there all the time and proceded to the Ortodox burying rite.

Monique Simonoff