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Charles Jude
Grand Theatre de l'Opera de Bordeaux

On its  edition from April 23rd, 2013, the journal Sud-Ouest de Bordeaux has published
a tribute due to  Wladimir Skouratoff’s present successor at the Grand Théâtre de l’Opéra de
Bordeaux, Charles Jude, on this terms:

“If Vladimir Skouratoff would’n have been so humble, his work would probably have been
known largely than it has.”
This tribute to the ancient  Ballet director of the Grand Théâtre
de Bordeaux from 1970 to 1990, who has died last 8 April, it’s due to his present successor.
Charles Jude has encountered many times  this dancer, of Russian ancestors: “He was a friend to my teacher when I was at the Opera de Paris. He gave me plenty advices, and he made me dance “Giselle” as well. Having invited many Ballet stars to Bordeaux – Cyril Atanasoff, Claire Motte, Ghislaine Thesmar…- he was much appreciated in our capital city, where his work to the preservation of the great Franco-Russian tradition was greatly recognized.”

“He knew too well this repertoire linked to Diaghilew, Balanchine or Lifar, which he dedicated
to preserve”
, says Charles Jude. “He brought this inheritance to Bordeaux, where he   choreographed many ballets, within which those great classical ones, like “Daphnis et Chloé”, “Coppelia” or “Casse-noisette”, which would have deserved to be noted if the attention from the Dance ‘s media would’nt be focused only on Paris”.

Also those opérettes –“Violettes imperiales” , “Les Mousquetaires au covent”…- which undoubtedly would’nt have kept their place today at the Grand Théâtre.

(From Christophe Loubes ‘ article at the April 23rd 2013 edition of the Sud-Ouest de Bordeaux’ Journal.)